20 Brilliant iPhone Games You Should Download Right Now

We’ve been posting a lot of guides, features, lists and other social media content over the last few weeks, but today we decided to do something a little more fun. Since it is almost the weekend, we decided to round up the best iPhone games you can find so you can make that commute shorter or to just help you kill some time. Featuring over 20 varied and addictive games, we’re certain that whether you’re a regular gamer or just like to play something every now and again, you’ll find something here that you’ll enjoy.

And for those interested, here are links to every game in the video.

– Angry Birds Space
– Mage Gauntlet
– Jetpack Joyride
– Scribblenauts
– Trainyard Express

– Sam and Max
– Infinity Blade II
– Spell Sword
– Cut The Rope
– Hookshot Escape

– Plants Vs. Zombies
– Where’s My Water?
– SpellTower
– World Of Goo
– BeatSneak Bandit

– Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective
– Lost Winds II
– Epic Astro Story
– Total War Battles
– Edge

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