Study shows images are the most engaging updates on social networks

Marketing services provider Performics has produced a study which looks at user patterns across social media and in particular, which types of content work best. It found that when it comes to engaging with friends’ updates, we favour images the most at 35%.

This also carried through for brands, where image posts came out top at 44%.

What’s interesting to note is the huge discrepancy between appetite for videos from friends and brands. While 37% are likely to engage with video posts from brands, only 3% claimed to enjoy videos that either the friend linked to, or had created themselves.

Personal still wins

Although people are beginning to trust brands more on social media, ultimately personal recommendations still carry the most weight. When looking at how offers spread throughout social networks, 33% were ‘very likely’ to respond to a brand offer that a friend had reposted, compared to 25% when it appeared in their newsfeed, originating from the brand itself:

This type of insight should affect how brands tackle offers within social media, utilising socialised offerings such as Facebook Offers in the feed, and less on simply offering exclusive discounts to fans.

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