Social Media Stats For The Fortune Global 100 Companies

Social media is being embraced all over the world by companies of all sizes, but this excellent presentation focuses in on the Fortune Global 100 companies who are using it showing what tools they are using and how 2012 has really been a break out year in terms of use.

What comes across most in the survey is a reliance on the big tools with Twitter leading the way in terms of engagement, brands sharing lots of likes on Facebook and most having a strong presence on Youtube. The survey also shows that large brands are having to break down their accounts into sub-brands to target different geographical regions, target markets and segments of consumers.

The other big theme is just how much content the brands are creating themselves in a bid to engage their users. These companies are not scared to embrace new platforms either with nearly half already having Google+ accounts and 25% already engaging on Pinterest. All in all, this is a good read that shows social is spreading among the big companies and being layered across their entire operations.

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