Google Lobbies Obama & Romney to Move Campaign Ads Online

Electoral politics and the methods by which potential voters consumer information have evolved a great deal since the last U.S. Presidential election in 2008. Google is keen to stress as such in their new ‘Four Screens to Victory’ infographic, which encourages this year’s candidates to divert their advertising budget online, to desktops, tablets and smartphones, and away from more traditional (and supposedly less engaging) media sources.

“Access to political information no longer comes from one place – or one screen”, according to Google Politics. “In just the four years since the last presidential election, the continued growth of the web and the proliferation of mobile devices has radically transformed when, where, and how voters access political information.”

Four Screens uses Google’s “measurable solutions” to amplify a candate’s impact and promotes a multi-platform strategy across television and the internet via computers, tablets and smartphones. Google’s research apparently shows that “four screen ad campaigns are 48% more effective in driving campaign awareness and 77% more effective in driving campaign engagement” and that voters will use an average of 14.7 sources of information before deciding on their candidate of choice.

There are some very persuasive statistic to back this point up as well. More than 80% of voters are now online, with 83% of mobile phone voters registered as voters, whereas one in three likely voters say they haven’t watched television in the past week. Accordingly, voters are spending more time on their mobile devices than reading newspapers and magazines combined.

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