Apple Turns To Martin Scorsese To Help Sell iPhones

Apple have just released the following video featuring Martin Scorsese in the back of a New York cab using SIRI to plan his day, check where friends are, avoid traffic and change appointments. Although SIRI never seems to work this well in real life Apple do use it remarkably well to sell their iPhones as the one feature that sets them apart (Until Android recently launched their own version of course). This is the third in this series of ads which saw the first two premier a couple of months ago and it marks a new route for Apple by getting celebrities involved rather than just focusing on the product itself. It is also interesting to see that although the new iPhone is rumored to be coming in just a couple of months time that Apple still think there is plenty of life left in the old model by releasing ads this close to the future launch. Let us know what you think of the style of the ad and if you like the new direction that Apple are taking…

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