It’s The iPhone Stun Gun Case The World’s Been Waiting For

In a move that can only be described as necessary, Yellow Jacket has created the world’s iPhone case/stun gun hybrid. The American company has created a case that is “capable of stopping an aggressive attacker” with 650,000 volts of pure electricity coursing through its frame. It is also capable of powering an iPhone for 20 hours and comes with an additional battery pack for when you’ve accosted a ruffian, wasted all your power in doing so and need to charge your phone in order to call the authorities.

Potential users may want to reconsider when they hear about the dimensional ramifications, however, as the Yellow Jacket iPhone stun gun case weighs about 4 ounces and is about 1 inch thick. The case adds three-eighths of an inch to the iPhone in terms of height, but it keeps the width of the phone as is. So, yes, the stun gun may clash with the sleek aesthetic Apple is well known for.

Yellow Jacket’s website states, “We have designed our iPhone 4 stun gun case to be easily deployable with one hand. In less than two seconds, both safety mechanisms can be deactivated and the Yellow Jacket stun gun is ready for action. Compare this to a regular stun gun which can take five to 10 seconds to find and deploy,” so really this innovation is all about practicality.

Instead having to waste pocket space on your stun gun, you can now reconcile your smartphone with your weapon and use that new found space to store gum or your keys. Much like the iPhone made the MP3 player obsolete, Yellow Jacket has taken away need for additional protection and given your iPhone teeth.

The case will be available in the U.S. at a cost of $125 from September, but overzealous non-iPhone users shouldn’t rush to their nearest Apple store just yet. The company plans to make additional models for the HTC Evo and Samsung Galaxy as well as the next version of the iPhone when it’s released.

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