BMW Lets You Create Your Own Personal Facebook Infographic

BMW has just passed ten million likes on Facebook and to help celebrate that milestone, it has launched a new app that lets you create an infographic from your personal data on Facebook. You can access the app here and it chruns out the beautiful piece of content in less than 30 seconds. It is all tied into a “money can’t buy” prize, which is a trip to Germany to test-drive the cars and to see them being made. The winner is the person who has the best stats pulled from their Facebook page and matched up to the BMW brand.

Personalized Product Info

The app goes off and picks all of your personal data from your profile and spits it back in the form of your own infographic which you are encouraged to share with your friends. The smart thing about the data is that it’s tied in with BMW products like telling you how many friends you could fit into a typical BMW car.

Highly Viral Campaign

Although BMW is claiming that they are offering up a bit of content for you, this entire campaign is built around acquiring more likes. The competition prize is based on your “social score” and to increase that score you are encouraged to invite in as many friends as you possibly can and like all sorts of different pages that BMW owns. With the prize being so tempting, you can see how people will engage with this and how the number of fans liking the page will zoom well past the 10 million mark.

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