Stunning New Bike Video – Industrial Revolutions and When Skateboarding And Beautiful Film Making Collide

We shared one of these videos before from Danny Macaskill before saying that it was one of the best pieces of branded content that we had ever seen and the good news is he is back with an even better video that is quickly blowing up on Youtube with nearly half a million views. The style of the video is stunning and the simplicity of the shots matched with the iconic location make this a compelling 4 minutes of footage that really captures the imagination. Although no brand seems to be involved this time the fact that his Reb Bull helmet features throughout the entire video means that they are getting some great brand recognition and probably paying handsomely for it!

You’ll have seen thousands of skate boarding videos over the years but none quite as beautifully shot as this one that is as artistically beautiful as the tricks within it are impressive. Kilian Martin hails from Spain but guessing by the Irish name and some of the shots being filmed in Dublin then he must have some connections with Ireland. As the price of video cameras come down it’s amazing just how impressive the videos are that people can produce and this one really is at movie standard. The video itself has zipped up to a quarter of a million views on Youtube and is growing fast.

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