Adidas Takes Things Too Far With Creepy Changing Room Campaign

We’re all for campaigns where normal punters get a surprise, but this marketing campaign from Adidas to promote the new Ajax football kit is a little risky, once you start thinking about what they actually do.

To set the scene, the Ajax Experience in Amsterdam set up a series of fake changing rooms in its club store. Unbeknownst to them, these fake changing rooms had a hidden door so that when someone tries on the jersey, the door would suddenly open and they would be greeted by Ajax players from the men’s and women’s team.

All that sounds perfectly fine except for one important detail. These fake changing rooms had hidden camera installed in them (not creepy!) as well as a two-way mirror (definitely not creepy!). So while women and children are getting changed, they’re being watched by the players located behind the wall and by the people monitoring the cameras.

Also take into consideration that these cameras were recording the entire time, otherwise how would they get the footage, and it makes this campaign not only creepy – but also quite possibly illegal as we seriously doubt the people in question gave consent before changing.

The only thing that sticks out in our mind is the reaction of the first group of kids and the man who stumbled out of the room due to their shock. Catching people by surprise is one thing, but Adidas should count itself lucky that this marketing stunt didn’t blow up in its face.

Thanks Emmet Ryan.

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