This Month’s Top 10 Tech Viral Videos

With major announcements coming from Google, Samsung, E3, Apple and Microsoft, it’s been a very busy time in the tech world. Thankfully, if you’re wondering what the most important announcements are, you’re in luck. Our friends from Unruly Media has compiled a list showing this month’s top ten tech videos so all you need to do is sit back and marvel at all the new devices we have to look forward to.

The Dark Knight Rises – Nokia Trailer

With the finale to the Batman trilogy out this month, Nokia scored a major coup by exclusively releasing the newest trailer to the Dark Knight Rises, quite easily one of the most anticipated movies of the summer.

Surface by Microsoft

Microsoft’s foray back into the tablet market is this little beauty. While many have joked that it’s really an upside down laptop (as the cover doubles up as the keyboard, Microsoft’s new device could really shake up the tablet market when it’s released.

[GALAXY S III] Introducing Samsung GALAXY S III: A Day in the Life

Samsung’s recent adverts have taken a leaf from Apple’s books by tying the brand in with our daily lives, yet this ad has a perfect balance between sentiment and showing off what the smartphone can do. The fact that the ad is three and a half minutes long tells you that the device has a lot of features.

Project Glass: One Day

Google’s Project Glass has been getting a lot of publicity recently, thanks to a skydive where the participants wore them while performing the skydive. If you missed it back in April, here’s what Google’s new flagship product promises to do.

Seductive Motion

Another Samsung entry, this time played for laughs, as numerous men misinterpret the actions of a beautiful model. Extra points for giving Isaiah “The Man Your Man Can Smell Like” Mustafa a cameo role.

Apple – Introducing MacBook Pro with Retina display

As Apple announced its next generation Macbook Pro, one feature that got a lot of attention was its retina display. And when it makes things this sharp, it’s (literally) quite easy to see why.

A Day Made of Glass… Made possible by Corning

If you ever wondered what the future would look like, Corning has its version which includes speciality glass at the heart of it. From windows, televisions screens, bus shelters, phones and mirrors to name a few, every surface is interactive and can be played around with.

[GALAXY Note] Beckham plays Beethoven’s Ode To Joy

Famous footballer David Beckham: Check! Him playing a famous Beethoven symphony by kicking footballs at a 15-foot wall of drums…em check!

[GALAXY S III] Official TV Commercial – 30-second version

As Samsung released its challenger to the iPhone, its ad focused on how the phone can be a part of your life through a sentimental ad capturing a wedding, moments between loved ones and everything else in-between.

The Last of Us E3 2012 Gameplay

E3 always boasts some cracking trailers, at least in terms of graphics and pushing technology to its limits. This trailer for Naughty Dog’s (Uncharted, Jak and Daxter, Crash Bandicoot) latest game The Last Of Us shows how ambitious its latest game is. The premise involves a man trying to survive a post-apocalyptic city with only a 14 year old girl for company.

Introducing Nexus 7

Among the many announcements at Google I/O developer conference, , it was easy to forget that the company also released its new tablet, the Nexus 7. With a 7 inch display, powerful quad-core processor and all-day battery life, Google hopes to find the perfect middle ground between smartphone and tablet with its latest effort.

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