This month’s top 10 FMCG Viral Videos

In our latest viral video chart, courtesy of our friends at Unruly Media, we share ten of the most shared videos from FMCG brands over the last 30 days. This week’s chart has everything you could possibly want, from roller skating babies to a high-octane Formula 1 drive.

1. Pepsi MAX & Kyrie Irving Present: “Uncle Drew”

With 53,781 shares in the past 30 days, this video from Pepsi Max shows what happens when ‘Uncle Drew’ gets involved in a basketball game. And, of course, if you want to play like Uncle Drew, all you need is a bit of Pepsi MAX.

2. LYNX Body Buffer and Shower Gel Cleans Your Balls.

The official video from Lynx, which had racked up over one million views, is no longer available on the official channel, but you can check out the unofficial version below.

3. Danny MacAskill – “Way Back Home”

If a video gets 20 million views, you know it’s something special. Danny MacAskill riding video follows him on a journey from Edinbrugh back to hometown Dunvegan. With beautiful scenery, a nice soundtrack and some bike tricks thrown in for good measure, you will find it hard not to watch the entire video.

4. Go Beyond The Cover

26 year old model Rico Genest is known as zombie boy because his entire body, from head to toe, is covered by a large skeletal tattoo. This ad for cosmetics company Dermablend Professional shows how effective its makeup is in covering all of Genest’s tattoos, before he starts wiping it off. The result was a lot of traction that got 10 million views overall.

5. Coca-Cola – Día del Padre

Coca-Cola is well known for creating ads that will resonate with you emotionally and this pretty much hits the mark. With a simple message, you will be moved by the time this 30 second video ends.

6. Where the Trail Ends 90 Sec. Teaser

Red Bull has become so good at creating viral content, its videos now border on cinematic quality. This trailer for their new theatrical film, Where The Trail Ends, is the logical conclusion to its earlier work with a social twist. After the video gets one million views, the full trailer will be unlocked for all to view.

7. Sprite – Monotemático

Not every viral video has to be a work of genius, in fact they can be quite juvenile as this ad from Sprite shows. Unfortunately, our Spanish isn’t the best so the message isn’t entirely clear, but if you like your humour childish, then enjoy.

8. Evian Roller Babies international version

You will find this either very cute or incredibly weird. Still, with close to 58 million views, Evian must be doing something right.

9. Formula 1 comes to America! – Red Bull Racing takes first lap in Texas

Another Red Bull entry, this time focusing on one of the most famous motor sports in the world, Formula 1. Instead of racing its Formula 1 car on the official track, the Red Bull car is chased by cowboys on a ranch and races on the under-construction Circuit of the Americas track in Texas.

10. Old Spice | Jungle Wilderness

Carrying on the tradition of staying fresh under difficult circumstances, the latest old spice shows that you can still be fresh even after being subjected to the dangers of the jungle…and after having half your body eaten off.

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