The Top 10 Campaigns Of 2012 (So Far)

Since we’ve passed the halfway point of 2012, we have seen a number of fantastic campaigns from some of the top agencies across the world. Since they come and go in quick succession, we thought it would be worth rounding up the best campaigns of the last six months. Whether they’re viral videos, Facebook campaigns, or real-world stunts, there’s a varied list here so if you want to remind yourself about those campaigns that happened earlier this year, or see if there was any that you missed, then read on.

1. Donimo’s Think Oven
Agency – CP+B

Wanting to find out what its customers think, Donimo’s launched a Facebook app called ‘Think Oven,’ a place where fans could suggest and influence ideas. With the ideas covering all areas of the business including products, customer interaction, online presence and quality of service, the brand found a new way to engage with fans and keep them loyal.

2. Mercedes Interactive Billboard
Agency – JCDecauxGlobal

An outdoor campaign from Mercedes in Berlin. To show how much space there is in their vans, JCDecaux placed twelve interactive billboards in underground stations, and to activate them, passersby had to take out their electronic car key – it didn’t matter what brand of car it was from – and point it in the direction of the billboard. What came out was anyone’s guess

3. Salta Beer – Rugbeer
Agency – Ogilvy Argentina 

We seriously doubt that this would be approved over here for health and safety reasons, but it’s a different approach to the ‘complete action to get reward’ approach. This time, rugby fans in Argentina were asked to tackle the vending machine to get an ice cold beer. Again, it wouldn’t be allowed over here, but it certainly caught our attention when it first came out.

4. LYNX Anarchy – The Invisible Ad
Agency – Soap 

LYNX/AXE is usually known for creating steamy ads and this one in an abandoned house in Sydney is no different. Replacing the windows with LED screens, normal passersby wouldn’t notice anything, but put on a pair of LYNX sunglasses and all would be revealed.

5. The Donation Army
Agency – Ogilvy & Mather

To highlight the plight of deforestation, OroVerde equipped a number of trees across the city of Bonn with cardboard signs and wooden hands to make it look like they were holding the signs. The result is that it looked like the trees were homeless and the very sight would have caught the attention of passersby.


6. LG Smart Thief
Agency – Y&R Not Just Film 

A brilliant example of how concept and execution can make a good idea memorable. Originally released as a random video released, it was actually a viral video made for LG to advertise their TV. We won’t spoil the ending in case you haven’t seen it before, but you will find it clever.

7. Tippex Bear and Hunter (Part II)
Agency – Buzzman 

Tippex had a successful campaign in 2010 when it let you save a hunter from a bear using Tippex. Now the sequel, which celebrates its second birthday, allows you to type in a year and see the Hunter and Bear in different time zones. Some funny interactive games and videos are there to be found if you have a spare few minutes.

8. Peugeot – Let Your Body Move
Agency – BETC Euro RSCG 

Silly premise aside, Peugeot’s interactive video let you choose the outcome of a story and got almost four million views. The video was to promote its 208 range and was perhaps more memorable for the times you chose the wrong option and seeing the protagonist fail.


9. Heineken U-code
Agency – Leo Burnett Warsaw 

A practical use for a marketing concept that hasn’t gotten a lot of love recently. The QR code was given its best use yet by becoming a personal profile for festival goers. Scan the code to get info about a person and find out what they like doing. A brilliant way of breaking the ice as well as advertising the Heineken brand.

10. FIAT Don’t Drink and Drive

By far one of the most effective drink driving campaigns we’ve seen in a while, despite its short nature. Instead of resorting to horror scenes to get the message across, FIAT used a beer can to promote the message “Now you see it, now you don’t.” For 15 seconds, it certainly gets the message across.


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