Highly Addictive New Social Game “Song Pop” Is Musical Equivalent Of “Draw Something”

You will probably remember the huge buzz over the last few months that surrounded the app “Draw Something” as it swept to millions of users and was very quickly acquired by Zynga. Well a new app with a similar format is getting identical traction and it is all based on guessing songs with your friends as quickly as possible.

It is called Song Pop and it is seriously addictive as well as having lots of viral hooks built in that help it spread among friends via Facebook. You are presented with five songs that you have to guess as quickly as possible and you gain points for guessing them quicker than your friends. You can challenge any of your friends who are on Facebook and there are various different genres of music that you can go for.

The app is free (although there is a premium version), and you can buy songs that you like within the app by heading over to iTunes. The app is available on iPhone, iPad, Android and on Facebook itself.

Highly Social And Competitive

The main reason the app is so compelling and addictive is that you get to compete against your friends. There isn’t one of us out there who doesn’t like thinking that we have the best musical taste or know more songs than our friends. Since you’re able to challenge friends while on the go, the app provides a couple of minutes of great fun. You don’t have to play against people in real-time either with the requests queued up on mobile so people can play at a time that suits them.

Leveraging Facebook’s Viral Distribution

The first time the app came onto my radar was about a month ago when Mark Zuckerberg shared it on his profile, but it is some of the viral features of Facebook itself that has been helping it spread. I’ve spotted friends playing via the ticker, it shares all the battles you have had on your profile, friends can send you requests and you can discover the app via the new Facebook app center. This viral distribution via Facebook is helping it explode in popularity as you can see from some of the numbers down below.

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