Google Launch My Tracks GPS Update To Help Runners & Cyclists

With Apple releasing their own version of maps and more sites moving towards OpenStreetMap due to API pricing, Google Maps hasn’t had the best of times with competition popping up left, right and centre. One of the unique features on Android relating to Google Maps was the app My Tracks. Released back in 2009, the Android app uses your phone’s GPS capabilities to visualise your location over time so you could share it in Google Maps and Google Earth.

Now the app has been updated to version 2.0 with an array of new features. Alongside a more refined and faster interface, you now have the ability to play back your path through Google Earth for Android, receive aggregated stats over time to show trends in your performance and better charts and stats tables to better visualise your performance.

Alongside these new features, include live data, voice announcements keeping you up to date with your progress and like other fitness apps, can be connected up to the different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and, of course, Google+

The app is aimed at those who are actively involved in exercise, mainly runners and cyclists, a fact highlighted by Google currently tracking the cycling team HTC-Columbia during the Tour de France and having traced the paths of their staff during a skiing trip. My Tracks is available to download from Google Play.

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