Google+ Expand Impressive Mobile Offering With New iPad App

After releasing a very impressive iPhone and Android version, it was only a matter of time before Google+ brought this app design and features to the iPad. It only took two month after the iPhone update for the iPad to follow suit, but now it’s finally here.

Everything that you would associate with the iPhone and Android app features here, with Google’s VP for Product Bradley Horowitz saying that the iPad app was designed to take advantage of the tablet’s capabilities. The major difference is that the stream styles content based on popularity, type and orientation, but it’s how you interact with these posts that makes things more intuitive.

Instead of tapping buttons or going into sub-menus,  the Google+ app only requires finger gestures to choose options. So to add in comments, you just pinch and expand posts in your stream while to re-share a post, you use two fingers to drag it from your stream.

Of course, Google+ major feature, Hangouts, is included here as well, designed to take advantage of the iPad’s video and screen capabilities, as well as introducing the events function for iPhone, a feature that Google+ has recently introduced and has drawn criticism for how it spammed users’ calendars.

Basically if you’re familiar with the iPhone and Android versions, you will know what to expect here, but considering that those apps are both brilliantly designed mobile apps, it would have been foolish to deviate from that. Google may be vague whenever it refers to ‘active users,’ but in terms of design and practicality, nobody can match it.

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