Four of the best Instagram campaigns

Instagram has managed to stay around and pass the test of not just being a fad, but also retaining an active user base. And it’s turned into a great platform for brands to get involved with and run some interesting campaigns. Below are a selection of some of the best.

Agency launches on Instagram

We’ve featured this one on the blog before, but now you can check out the video to see how this campaign was run. What do you think, cheap PR or genius concept?

The Ford Fiesta Challenge

This might not be a groundbreaking campaign, but nice to see a brand like Ford really embracing Instagram. To promote the new Fiesta, they ran a weekly photo challenge on Instagram, where users had to upload photos with hashtags that reflected certain aspects of the car. The activity was then brought back onto their Facebook Page, where the content was hosted within a hub:

Campaign against violence

This is an excellent political campaign that shows the power of new media and how a platform like Instagram can really make a difference. Following violent protests in Israel, the Instagram user Ori Taub decided to take to Instagram to share photos against the violence. Others soon started supporting him and now people are using Instagram to upload photos that highlight the violence in what is turning into a pretty viral campaign, though it may not have been intended as such. You can check out some of the stunning images here.

Virtue Facebook App

A nice example of Facebook integration with Instagram here. The agency Virtue has created an application for brands with Facebook pages, that allows them to automatically create Facebook albums from Instagram tags. These will then allow the photos you’ve taken to be tagged, shared and liked on Facebook, rather than directing users back to Instagram. This is an industry first from Virtue and a good example of integration between platforms.

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