Cheddar – The Most Beautiful, Elegant And Useful “To Do” App You Will Ever Use

Nearly everybody who works in an office will have some sort of “to do” list that they use to help complete their tasks. I’ve used a mixture of apps like Remember The Milk, the lists within Google apps and also the old reliable pen and paper. Even though they are all decent solutions, I never really stuck with one as they don’t offer what I need.

What I really want is something incredibly simple, has no bells and whistles, and syncs between the various devices that I use on a daily basis. When I asked on Twitter last week what people would suggest, I tried one called Cheddar that Sean suggested, mainly because of the name I guess! See, “to do” list apps are ten a penny online, but I’ve never been able to stick with one.

Cheddar is different. This is the killer app that we have all been waiting for and the key is its brilliant simplicity. It does exactly what it should and rather than try to add a bunch of features, the developers have done the opposite and stripped out all the unnecessary, stupid features that we don’t need. I can safely say I’ll be sticking with Cheddar and even though you quickly get pushed on to the $1.99 a month package, it’s worth every penny.

How It Works

This short video explains some of the key features including lists, hashtags and other key parts of the app like syncing, but the truth is you barely need to watch it because it is one of those apps that is just so simple, you will pick it up immediately.

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