Brilliant Vending Machine Makes Customers Dance For Their Food

Just how far would you go to get a free sample out of a vending machine? That is the question that the Delite-O-Matic vending machine asked passersby in an Australian shopping center.

The machine handed out free samples, but people had to work for them by completing a series of tasks. At first, it started out with the machine asking people to tap the button multiple times – with one woman clicking it a remarkable 5,000 times to unlock her gift. The machine then kicked into action with more demanding tasks such as asking people to do one-handed press ups, do the chicken dance and generally makes fools out of themselves.

The entire campaign was for snack food Fantastic Delites and it shows how keen people are that they would make fools out of themselves in public. The machine was so interactive and fun that it drew a huge crowd at times, which is a brilliant way of extending simple sampling into a full-on marketing campaign. The best thing about the machine is that it says it is “to be continued.”

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