Genius Lemonade Vending Machine Changes Prices Based On Temperature

We’ve seen marketing agencies use vending machines as part of their promotions before, one that served iced tea whenever you tweeted it, one that dispensed beer if you rugby tackled it and even one that dispensed free cake at a bus stop.

This time, Spanish agency Momentum installed 18 vending machines for Coca-Cola’s lemonade drink Limon&Nada that were equipped with thermometers. The reason for this is that the hotter the weather got, the cheaper the drinks would become.

According to (original article is written in Spanish), the vending machines, which were set up in water or amusement parks, will reduce the price of a drink depending on how hot it is from July to September. At temperatures of up to 25°, the cans will cost consumers €2. When the temperature reaches 26°-29°, the price drops to €1.40 and when the temperature reaches 30°, they can be bought for half price costing only €1. Also, the agency set up a giant canvas in the city of Seville measuring 12 x 9.5 meters to help promote the campaign.

It’s a brilliant piece of marketing as naturally during a hot climate, people will flock to the vending machines and the cheaper the product is, the more people will buy it. This will lead to these people buying the product long after the summer has ended since they acquired a taste for it. A clever move that is bound to win the brand some new fans when the heatwave arrives. 

Genius Lemonade Vending Machine Changes Prices Based On Temperature

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