The Best Time To Tweet Or Post A Status Update? Make Sure It’s Early Afternoon

Timing is everything, and it couldn’t be more true for social media. With thousands of tweets and status updates posted every day, you want to make sure that your posts are seen by as many people as possible and get as many clicks as possible, so how do you make sure everyone sees your post or tweet?

There isn’t a definitive answer to this question, but you can at least give your post the best possible chance. Back in May, link shortener service released a report showing the best times to tweet and post a status update on Facebook. concluded that the best time to tweet is any time between 1pm-3pm from Monday to Thursday and that you should avoid posting after 8pm any day as well as tweeting after Friday at 3pm. Facebook follows the same principles, finding that links posted mid-week – between 1pm and 4pm – brings high click through rates before traffic begins to fade.

Using this data, digital agency Raka has created a helpful infographic that is bound to be popular among marketers and social media users since it presents’s data in such a straightforward manner. Whether you’re involved with a business or not, you will find this to be a useful reference to have when you’re writing your next status update. 

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