Facebook Timeline For Brands Coming To Mobile 10th July

Facebook has been rolling out timeline for personal users, brands and businesses pages over the last few months on the main website. They also started rolling out personal profile timeline across mobile devices, but the one piece missing was timeline for Facebook pages on mobile devices. Well, the good news is that they will start unifying the site completely on July 10th when they switch all Facebook business pages over to timeline across all mobile devices. As they say themselves:

“After July 10th, we will update Pages on mobile to more accurately reflect the look and feel of Timeline design on desktop. This update includes incorporating Page cover photos, about information, pinned posts, and page stats into the mobile experience. For most Pages, there is no action needed since the cover photo and profile photo will be resized accordingly.”

However, if your profile photo positioned to be an extension of your cover photo, the positioning of the profile photo will shift slightly due to the many variances in display sizes across all mobile devices. If this applies to your page, we recommend decoupling your profile photo from your cover photo before this 10th July.

A New Unified Experience

This now means that the most important people on the service (the brands and businesses who pay the bills) will have the same slick experience as the normal users. It also means that the site will look exactly the same on desktop, mobile, tablets and across any device that people access it. It’s been a slow roll out from Facebook, but timeline is now here for one and for all.
You can see the Coca Cola page above on the app looks completely different than the timeline of my own personal profile. All that will be changing with this update which will happen this day next week.

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