The 10 Biggest Viral iPhone Videos Ever Created [Video]

If you haven’t heard already, today marks the iPhone’s fifth birthday. It’s hard to believe when it first came out, Nokia and Blackberry were the big mobile players and Android was just finding its feet after being acquired by Google.

A lot can change in that time and most of Apple’s success can be pinned down to how much hype it generated for its products. Its design and functionality certainly played a part, but you would be foolish to ignore the brand’s power and how Apple advertised each new model. Here are the ten most popular iPhone videos that made Apple’s iconic smartphone the juggernaut it is now.

(10) iPhone 4 – Retina

Shared: 2,610 times
YouTube Views: 566,385

When the iPhone 4 was released, Apple decided to go with the catchphrase, “If you don’t have an iPhone…” to show what the iPhone has over its competitors. This ad shows off how sharp its Retina screen was, by showcasing how movies, photos and clips are displayed on the phone.

(9) iPhone 4 – Facetime

Shared: 3,832 times
YouTube Views: 540,473

As mobile video chat was very much in its infancy, Facetime showed off just how easy it was to have video chats with iPhone, iPad and Mac users.

(8) iPhone 4 – AirPlay

Shared: 4,063 times
YouTube Views: 538,686

One of the more unique features of the iPhone at the time, connecting your phone to your speakers and TV wireless to play music and videos was pretty significant, and saw many competitors creating similar products.

(7) iPhone 4 – Under The Covers

Shared: 4,145 times
YouTube Views: 433,970

A festive ad this time, this time to entice the public to purchase an iPhone for the Christmas season. This ad is pretty much what you’d expect, a father dressed as Santa is communicating with his child through Facetime.

(6) iPhone 4S

Shared: 5,404 times
YouTube views: 347,745

When the iPhone 4S was released, the major talking point was, of course, Siri and this ad shows public to what it can do (in theory). Answering every query and performing every action, the ad portrays Siri as your very own personal assistant.

(5) Introducing iCloud

Shared: 11,853 times
YouTube Views: 1,468,938

Late last year, Apple unveiled iCloud, which was a way for users to save and transfer their files online onto different devices, leaving you connected all the time.

(4) iPhone 4 Facetime

Shared: 19,731 times
YouTube views: 799,979

Another Facetime commercial this time, and a sign that Apple had moved on from showcasing their products to linking their products to important life moments. This time, Facetime is used to capture significant moments like keeping in touch with loved ones, and keeping in touch with friends.

(3) Introducing the iPhone 4

Shared: 75,981 times
YouTube views: 3,360,086

An exception to this list (one of two, in fact) as this video isn’t a TV ad, but a longer video where Apple’s staff talk about how the iPhone 4 will revolutionise the smartphone world. In essence, it goes into great detail about what improvements the iPhone 4 brings to the table.

(2) Introducing iPhone 4S

Shared: 297,065 times
YouTube views: 3,997,634

Similar to the last iPhone 4 video, this video has Apple staff explaining what separates this model from previous iPhones. Unsurprisingly, Siri features a lot in this video.

(1) Introducing Siri on iPhone 4S

Shared: 424,641 times
YouTube views: 8,202,812

You only need to look at the sharing and YouTube viewing figures for the last two videos to show just how big a deal Siri was when it was first unveiled. While it hasn’t exactly lived up to the promise, this video got people very excited about what Siri could bring to the table.

[Data & Videos sourced from Unruly Media]

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