Social media campaign for Aston Martin drives 100% increase in traffic

A digital campaign run by car brand Aston Martin over Facebook, Youtube and Twitter has spawned the dramatic claim that it had seen a 100% increase in traffic to their brand site. The traffic has come from across Germany, the United States and the UK, in what is an impressive campaign statistic. Looking at the campaign details specifically,  in the first seven days of the campaign, which launched on June 20th, it saw site traffic double consistently every day, peaking at a 216% increase in traffic over seven days, from Germany in particular.

So what exactly did Aston Martin do to get such huge levels of traffic to the site?

Facebook Launch

The campaign was for the launch of their new Vanquish model, and it kicked off with a reveal on Facebook that announced the new Vanquish to fans:

This was followed by a consistent campaign on Facebook over the next few weeks, with lots to keep fans entertained during the big reveal including…

Design your own Vanquish

A campaign that was smartly executed on the Vanquish site, as opposed to the Facebook Page that managed to retain the traffic it drove there. This was a value added element to the campaign that allowed people to customise their own Vanquish and share their creation with friends:

In Video

Along with the release online, Aston Martin also produced a pretty breathtaking video to announce the launch and show the car in all its glory:

Now on their own, none of these campaign elements are particularly stunning or groundbreaking. However, when they’re combined, they show the benefit of a well executed campaign that takes into consideration the various elements needed for clean, digital execution and does them to their best. Not just a video for the sake of it, but a brilliantly produced video that actually does the job of showing off the car. Not just Facebook because it should, but a consistent and well thought out campaign that gave value added content to users, without distilling the brand or turning to cheap tactics in order to generate fans.

The Vanquish campaign comes after consistent social media activity from Aston Martin, following the reveal of their new DB9 1M, which is the car designed by fans following one million followers on the Aston Martin Facebook Page. The company allowed fans to vote on a number of features on the car, which has just been unveiled on the Aston Martin Facebook Page:

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