How To Change Your Facebook Brand Page URL

Considering more businesses are treating their Facebook page as a main page, it’s unsurprising that the majority want to have a unique URL to make searching much easier. Originally, when you create a Facebook page, you get assigned a random URL to your page alongside your username.

Once you reached the milestone of 25 users or more liking your page, you can change the URL to a much easier to remember username (or vanity URL as it’s more commonly known) for your page. Once you made your change, you couldn’t change it again. The only way you could change it again would be to delete the Facebook page entirely and create a new one with the new name, meaning you lose all your fans and have to start over again.

Now it seems that Facebook has changed these rules a bit. Spotted on Digital Inspirations, when you go to your page and look at the admin panel, you can change the page’s username by selecting ‘Edit Page’ and then ‘Update Info.’ Here you can go into ‘Change Username’ which is the second option on the screen. After that, you can enter your new username and see if it’s available. If it is, you can confirm it and

Before you change your username, just remember that once you do that, you can’t change it again so choose carefully. Also, your old URL will no longer work so be sure to update your page info on your website, social media feeds, email signatures etc., so that it links to the new page update. Digital Inspirations even created a quick video to show what you need to do to change it.

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