Brilliant Bank Campaign Rewards Honest Customers In Real-Time

Marketing a bank nowadays isn’t the easiest thing to do in the world, but NAB Bank in Australia has come up with a brilliant campaign that puts the focus back on the consumer and rewards people for being honest.

They set up an elaborate stunt in a Melbourne shopping center where they secretly filmed people being honest by dropping back property that had been “lost.” While they were dropping it back, they were secretly filmed and at the same time, a team in the background would print posters, add their image to a cake and create digital billboards featuring the person’s face and a headline.

It was essentially a real-time personalized campaign that freaked people out as they continued their days shopping. Could you imagine walking around the corner and seeing something like that? You would think the world had gone absolutely mad.

The best thing about the campaign, however, is that it ties the messaging back to trust, which is something that banks have been struggling with. Very smart and we would be surprised if this didn’t win some awards.

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