Philips Promotes Shaving Products With Hilarious ‘AR’ Campaign

This is without doubt the most low-tech example of augmented reality we’ve ever seen – let alone an advertising campaign – but we’re going to excuse it for how the campaign thinks outside the box in such a brilliant way and for the laugh it gave us. Philips was trying to promote its shavers and male grooming products to Taiwanese men, but was having problems as the majority of men go for the clean-shaven look.

So to convince them to explore the possibilities of growing a beard or mustache, Philips chose a number of barbers and stylists to run their campaign. Serving each of their male customers water during their time there, what customers didn’t realise was that each mug had a drawing of a mustache or beard on it so that when they drank it, they could see what it would look like if they had facial hair. Philips say that it’s augmented reality without the smartphone technology, which is certainly one way of looking at it.

It’s all very silly, but it’s incredibly smart marketing from Philips and you can see that those men involved in the promotion are enjoying themselves. Just goes to show how a fun and imaginative marketing campaign can be done for little to no cost.

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