Twitter launch dedicated site for Euro 2012

We’ve seen Twitter experiment a lot with branded pages and sponsored activity recently, and now it looks like they’re testing out something completely new with a dashboard to capture all the activity from Euro 2012. The page is running at and so far, it is curating all the best content from around the Euro 2012 content through accounts it has deemed to have the best coverage:

This is an independent activity for Twitter, with no official sponsors involved in the campaign. However, it is clear when you look through the page how Twitter would plan on monetising something like this. The tweet stream is split into two, with priority tweets appearing at the top, regardless of how recently they were posted. UEFA is being prioritised here:

This is a similar feature to full branded pages which offer account owners the chance to ‘pin’ important tweets to the top, making it much more than just a stream of your latest activity. And to the left of the stream is a box showing the top people to follow, where you could also see someone paying to be featured in here:

This is the kind of thing that Twitter needs to be doing where they can effectively combine curation of their content, along with clear sponsorship opportunities for brands. They are offering a valuable service for users by making sense of the large amount of tweets that accompany international events like this, as all the accounts are pre-approved by Twitter as opposed to being pulled in automatically by hashtag.

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