Happy birthday Alan Turing. Here’s how you can celebrate.

Today marks the centenary of the founding father of computer science – Alan Turing. Born on June 23 1912, his contribution to technology and the internet is still felt today, around the world and in our lives. You can find out more about his work here, but what better way to celebrate his birthday then online? Here’s a collection of some of the best ways today is being marked around the world, through the power of computer science.

Crack the code

Wired magazine has partnered with the UK Cyber Security Challenge to offer a challenge to tecchies to crack the below cypher (click here for a full size version).

When you’ve cracked it, you will reveal a secret code, which should be emailed to the email address also concealed within the cypher. Wired asks that you to keep it yourself if you believe you’ve solved it. The first person to solve it will receive a year’s free subscription to Wired magazine.

The Google Doodle

No event would be complete without a Google doodle, and today’s one from Google celebrates Alan Turing by recreating a functioning Turing machine (the computing device he invented).

This is another challenge to users, where you have to spell out Google in binary code to solve the riddle. It’s not meant to be easy, and if you want to cheat, check out how to solve the riddle in the video below:

The history of computers

IBN live is celebrating Turing with a look back at computers and the contribution that Turing made. Featuring tote machines at Ascot, a calculator wristwatch and Colossus – the code breaking machine used in wartime Britain.

See him remembered

Manchester is holding a Turing centenary conference, which will feature talks from a number of influential individuals in the field of computer science. And the good news is it will be available for live streaming, starting from today. Check out the livestream here (though you need to register first). Vint Cerf will be among the speakers, who is regularly billed as ‘one of the greatest technology leaders of our time’ and is perhaps best known as being the Chief Internet Evangelist at Google.

Online brainstorm

A nice project by the UCLA Art and Science Center here, which sees a live brainstorm being held as part of their live conference. You can choose to watch a number of talks on their livestream here, where you can also see a brainstorm by students, who will discuss how Turing continues to impact on technology today.

Honoured in anti-homophobia award

A sad part of Turing’s life was his treatment at the hands of the very government that he worked with during World War II for being gay. Subjected to chemical castration, it puts an unnecessary mark on his contribution to technology. In recognition of this, Manchester City Council has launched an award to celebrate people who help victims of homophobia, and have appropriately named it after Turing. The launch of the award coincides with a four day conference to celebrate his birth

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