Facebook Show The World’s Most Social Landmarks According To Check-Ins

Here’s a nice addition from Facebook. Knowing that people use their service to check in to different venues and landmarks from around the world, the site measured check-ins made in 25 cities worldwide to determine which landmarks are the most popular based upon this data.

Presenting the results on the Facebook newsroom blog, Among the number one ranked landmarks across the 35 cities included seven sports arenas, six public areas, two amusement parks, two concert areas and two shopping centers.

Facebook say that when delving into the data on offer, it found that shopping centers and malls appeared within the top ten landmarks for 19 of 25 cities, while colder climates had more activity in concert halls or bars. Cities with warmer climates had more check-ins to outdoor locations, while check-ins made during the summer featured music festivals and major sporting events.

Have a look at the graphic below and at the top to see what the most popular check-in destinations in the world are. Both graphics are available to download here.

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