Startup focus: Blippar launch with Justin Bieber – Live from Le Web ’12

Blippar is an exciting startup, offering augmented reality mobile advertising. But rather than introducing a type of technology, Blippar is being billed more as behaviour. They want people to blip to get a brand new experience, and they would definitely be my one to watch. Jess Butcher, the founding director of Blippar described it as a “QR code on steroids”.

Blippar is about physically altering the real world around us, with high dwell time and the customers undivided attention. It’s about getting contact directly into your hand. And more importantly, it is providing a simple digital solution to brands with a physical product. Media brands are able to track the success of a campaign down to the last blip and Butcher is aware of their need to easily convert consumers to a second screen experience to attract media buyers.

Justin Bieber

A sure sign of early success is that today Blippar has launched a campaign with Justin Bieber in the U.S. This will be offered through Bieber’s new album cover, which will offer an augmented reality experience for users who ‘blip’. Fans will be able to access exclusive content and sample tracks:

Other (perhaps more meaningful indicators of success) are that in the first year Blippar has grown from 0 to 20 staff, and now have over 100 paying customers.

The next level

Blippar is opening their first US office next month, which will be based in New York. The platform is currently only available in the English language, but Butcher stressed that it will be changing soon.

Diversifying across different platforms is a key challenge for Blippar, and they have one eye on Windows whilst also figuring out the best offering for Android.

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