For its 1st Birthday, Fab Launches In The UK After Acquiring LLUSTRE

With over 5 million members signed up to the service, the design sales site Fab has just announced that has acquired design store which will be relaunching as Fab UK. Both Fab and LLUSTRE have confirmed the deal although neither has revealed details about how much the deal cost.

With over 1.8 million products purchased by customers over the past year, Fab has been growing rapidly since it first launched in June 2011, having nearly 400 team members worldwide and offices in New York, Berlin, London, Pune (India) and Deinze (Belgium).

To put Fab’s growth into context, it took the company only four months to acquire one million members, and the remaining months to reach 1.5 million. Also, according to the site, 30% to 40% of the site’s daily visits are now via mobile, and half of the site’s members have come via social sharing, highlighting the important role sites like Facebook and Pinterest can play in the company’s fortunes.

If’s growth was impressive, then LLUSTURE’s is even more so. Since they launched their site only ten weeks ago (the company was founded in November 2011), the number of members on the site has grown to 50,000 and sold more than 2,500 products to people across nine countries worldwide. So it makes sense for Fab to acquire LLUSTURE so it can both continue its rapid expansion and deal with any potential threats, which LLUSTURE could have become if it had another year to develop.

On the company blog, Fab gave its reasons for purchasing LLUSTRE saying:

Since launching in April 2012, Llustre has rapidly proven that it has what it takes to be the UK leader in online design sales and inspiration. Llustre’s founders Tracy Doree and Vivienne Bearman have assembled a team of 25 of the most design-passionate individuals we’ve come across anywhere in the world. More than 500 leading design partners are already working with Llustre and their website is nothing short of brilliant. And, the results speak for themselves. Membership and orders have tripled in the past 5 weeks as the word has spread about Llustre’s sales with the likes of Plumen, Normann Copenhagen, Anglepoise, Texidors, Stelton, La Lampe Gras, Falcon Enamelware,

This is Fab’s third acquisition, having previously acquired similar design sites Casacanda in Germany and Fashionstake in the U.S., and the site is planning to bring its services to more countries in the future. The site was founded by Bradford Shellhammer and CEO Jason Goldberg and currently has three online stores live, one for U.S. users, one for European users and the latest one being for UK users.

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