Login To All Your Favorite Social Media Sites Instantly With Brilliant New Smart Phone App

Most of us have dozens of passwords for the various services that we regularly use online and remembering them all while logging in and out multiple times can be a massive pain in the ass. Car company Ford has come up with a brilliant new smartphone app that remembers all your passwords and instantly logs you in to all your favorite services via bluetooth when you come close to your computer.

As soon as you have finished your session and pick up your phone, it instantly logs you out, saving you even more bother. The campaign has been created to promote Ford’s new keyless technology on their cars and it is a perfect example of a brand providing a useful service that is bang on in terms of getting the point across. Why has it taken a car company and a marketing campaign to come up with this is all we want to know? Surely this is a service that a start up or large consumer internet brand should have come up with before now?

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