Follow The Olympics Like Never Before With New Facebook Portal

Hot on the heels of Twitter announcing their brand pages for NASCAR and moving into the sports arena Facebook has rolled out their own Olympics portal this morning. This is not an official partnership nor is it based on advertising like what Twitter did, but instead this is about bringing the best content possible to users. You will be able to add Olympic content to your news feed instantly, and add that social element to enhance the traditional TV viewing experience.

Not all athletes are on the site yet, but you can expect it to fill up with content ahead of the games, which are now less than 40 days away. We can also expect to see many other sites, broadcasters and social networks rolling out their own hubs, but when Facebook do something like this, you know it is going to be pretty important. Olympic fever starts here.


You can instantly like and of the individual pages of the thousands of athletes competing at the games from all over the world. Some of them are well known, others not so much.


One of the big things about the Olympic is the fact that people get behind their country and support their country with pride. You can now follow the countries of your choosing.


Some of the sports at the Olympics are way more obscure than others and not what you would normally watch, but you can now follow individual pages and learn a little more about shooting and marathon running.

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