Check out Google’s apeeling new ad campaign

Google has been, quite rightly, getting a fair amount of stick lately for continual product launches that fail to meet the initial expectation and for generally getting it consistently wrong. But their latest ad campaign, for Google Play, is nothing but inspired. Looking purely at the still of the ad, it’s tempting to think that it will be groan-worthy attempt at being funny and current (currant?) with Google using fruit humour as an attempt to distract from the fact they don’t actually have anything to offer. But the ad, which will likely split opinion, seems bang on the money:

Google has got it right here because they’ve found a no-nonsense way of getting across the main benefits of Google Play on Android, bringing the technological advantages down to an everyday level that people will understand. The ad comes courtesy of Google Studio G.

The ad campaign comes as Google is giving Google Play a significant push, with announcements including Google Play coming to the Kobo Box (a 7 inch tablet to rival the Kindle Fire) and service iterations such as allowing developers to reply to user comments in the app store. We can expect to see more to come from Google as well, with Facebook’s launch of their own App Center and increased alignment between Facebook & Apple, with Facebook being baked into Apple products more and more.

And a banana-based ad campaign is an unusual but entertaining place to start.

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