Brilliant New App Helps You Block Ex-Lovers

When you break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, one of the biggest problems that many people have is the urge to suddenly call them and get back together again.

Most people know that making that call is the wrong thing to do, but this app, which has been released by drinks company Guaraná Antarctica, steps in and helps you make the right decision. Once you install it and select your ex from the phone book, it starts to work its magic.

It starts by reminding you of some of the horrible reasons that actually forced you to break up in the first place and as soon as you try to make a call, it steps in and alerts your best friends who can then talk some sense into you.

If you do actually go ahead and make the call, it shames you by posting that fact onto your Facebook wall for all your friends to see. We can’t imagine that the app would be very hard to bypass, but it is still a smart idea and a great piece of marketing that will get the company lots of attention. What do you think? Is it a good idea and more importantly would you use it?

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