Brilliant Evian Campaign Delivers Water To Your Door, Helping Increase Sales

Some people will say that the marketing people that convince us all to drink bottled water were evil folk. We did all drink water from taps for decades without any issue, but suddenly people all over the world were convinced to start drinking expensive water in plastic bottles. A classic marketing trick.

Those same marketing people have taken things to the next level with a campaign for Evian that lets you order water from your fridge and have it delivered straight to your front door. It is all done via a smart device that Evian hand out for free. It connects to your WiFi and lets you push a button and have fresh water delivered directly to your door.

All customers have to do is sign up on the site, enter their credit card details and then push that button any time they see their water supplies running low. It’s a great way of adopting new technology and the real beauty of it is that it will drive sales directly. It will be interesting to see if this is a long term shift in the way we order water or just a once-off campaign.

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