Twitter Moves Into Making Money From #Hashtag TV Advertising

When it comes to generating revenue, Twitter hasn’t been quick out of the blocks, but yesterday they launched a new format that could change an entire industry. During the Pocono 400 NASCAR race in the U.S., the company rolled out ads that were all linked back to a sponsored hashtag page that provided additional content around the race and encouraged users to have a conversation online in one branded area.

TV advertisers are going to be watching this experiment very carefully because Twitter is trying to re-invent an industry that has had huge success over the last number of decades. As we move into a digital age where things like traditional TV ads are getting ignored, this is a smart way for brands to continue the conversation online and raise awareness about their product or event outside their traditional TV offering.

NASCAR was the trial for this, but you can see how it could work across a number of other verticals including entertainment shows, sporting events and breaking news. Up until now, hashtags have been user controlled and very organic, but by launching this ad format, Twitter is effectively trying to reign them back in and make money out of them. It looks like a very smart move indeed.

The 2nd Screen Experience

Consumers are starting to become very aware of how to skip past TV adverts and are consuming their content in different ways including box sets, on demand services and through online streaming. While watching TV, they are also more often than not watching a second screen like a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Many will be using that second screen to watch tweets about the show or event stream past and Twitter is trying to monetize that experience.

As you can see from the branded area, Twitter has videos, additional content from drivers and a feed of all the tweets about the event. This is a smart way of enhancing the traditional TV experience in a branded environment.

New Video Ads

The best thing about all of this is that Twitter is not only generating money, but they are also building their own brand and attracting even more users to their service. It really is a win-win with viewers having to join the service to view additional content and interact with the stars of NASCAR.

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