Fantastic MINI Test Drive Campaign Brings The Store To You

After watching this case study from MINI, the only thing we’re wondering is why more automobile companies haven’t done the same. The idea behind this campaign is that the best way to promote a MINI is to bring the MINI to those interested.  Why make people come all the way to you when you can easily drive the car to them instead.

That’s what MINI in Paris did with their MINI stores, 10 cars acting as mobile stores that drive around the city and lets consumers take them on a test drive. Because the stores are cars, they can reach any part of the city and engage with people directly and indirectly as there’s advertising on the car itself, making more people aware of the product.

Despite the fun nature of the campaign, there is one glaring omission from the campaign: The inclusion of social media. Adverblog make the point that the campaign misses a trick by not having any social media elements, apart from the address given at the end of the video and you can’t help but feel this is the case.

It’s true that having Facebook or Twitter integration would have made this campaign even better and it’s very strange that there isn’t some kind of social promotion included – MINI France’s Facebook page is quite active and has over 200,000 likes so the opportunity was there. Yet despite that, the campaign is still a lot of fun and would have gained the company a lot of publicity for the way they approached the campaign.

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