Brilliant New Coca Cola Feel Good Video Campaign

Coca-Cola is well known for their feel good marketing videos that put a smile on your face. We have featured them here lots of times on the blog and every single one of them leaves you walking away with that warm fuzzy feeling that all marketing should bring.

Their latest video is incredibly smart and uses a tool that is normally used for catching people getting up to no good: Security cameras. Rather than catching criminals though, Coke used the security camera footage to create a short feel good video about some of the wonderful acts of kindness that people carry out on a daily basis.

From lovers “stealing” a kiss to a “gang” attacking a car, this is a wonderful piece of marketing that will make you feel warm inside and ultimately end up going out and buying brown, sugary water to drink. Also, this is the sort of content that people love sharing and we can expect this video to get a couple of million views over the coming weeks as consumers distribute it for them via social networks.

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