The World’s Longest Advert Helps Launch Incredibly Large Slide

This week saw the launch of one of the biggest water slides in the world and to help mark the occassion, the advertising agency tasked with marketing the concept had a unique way of getting the concept across to users. The slide, which is located in a place called Beach Park, is a 14 story high ride and is aptly called the “Insano”. The ride propels users up to a scary 65 mph before they splash into a huge pool at the bottom to slow you down. People who have experienced the ride say the for the couple of seconds you’re on it, there is a feeling of sheer weightlessness and you can see why this is only for the bravest people out there. All we can say is that we are happy it’s in Brazil because while we would love to think we would try it out, it could be a different story after climbing all those stairs and looking down!

The Experience

When researching this post, I found this photo of the slide in action and it really does look like one of the most fun things to ever have been created. We all want to have a go on this right now!

The Advert

It is pretty easy to see the thrill of the ride with pictures or videos but how would you get that point out through advertising? With a 10,000 high pixel email that gets you thinking about the experience. Really smart piece of creative that was sent out to millions of people via email.

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