Model Ruins Actor’s Life And Marriage Via Twitter

We all know that social media is taking over the world and changing the way that we all communicate, but one American actor has learned that lesson the hard way. When model Melissa Stetten sat down on a plane and was chatted up by a well known actor, rather than turning a blind eye to the fact that he was married, she decided to live tweet the whole flight.

I won’t ruin the whole story for you, but what follows below is one of the funniest and saddest exchanges that we’ve ever seen happen through social media. Now the only tiny worry that we would have with this story is that it does involve two minor celebrities from Hollywood who are trying to make their careers.

It wouldn’t be unknown for a smart agent to create a story that boosts both their profiles, but given the fact that there is a marriage and a child involved here, we really hope that is not the case. Model Melissa Stetton is being seen as the hero here though, doubling her Twitter followers in less than 24 hours and will surely rise to fame off the back of this. Let this be a lesson to anybody out there that even if you are not on Twitter, people could still be tweeting your actions.

The Big Reveal

With social media and 10,000 followers, it wasn’t going to be long before somebody pointed out who Brian actually was and for everything to be revealed.

Brian Has History

It turns out that Brian has a bit of a history with the bottle and drugs and that he has been claiming that he’s now clean, which some of the model’s followers pointed out.

Lights Go Out

Funnily enough, the last picture shows Brian having a nap and going to sleep as the lights clearly go out on not only his marriage, but probably his career for a while anyway.

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