9 Year Time Lapse Shows The Building Of London 2012′s Olympic Stadium

With the London 2012 Olympic games only 50 days away from starting, the local council tasked with building the main Olympic venues have created a time lapse video showing how the venues were built. It took nine years to film and it shows the amount of time, effort and money that goes into building an Olympic venue.

This is a smart piece of marketing from Newham council to show the effort that has gone into creating a venue from scratch. One that will provide 35,000 homes, 100,000 new beds and the only airport in the world with its own post code.

Despite being awarded the games so far in advance, there are usually scheduling issues with getting the venues finished on time, but it looks as if the UK are well ahead of schedule and this video is clearly a PR stunt aimed at getting that message out there. We are just amazed that somebody had the foresight to start filming all those years ago and that the video looks so seamless.

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