Tactus Amazing Touchscreen Tech Generates Physical Buttons On Demand

We’re suckers for new technology, especially if it’s something we can see ourselves using in the near future like Leap Motion. But this new touchscreen technology from Tactus Technology has us pretty excited.  The company created a Tactile Layer panel for touchscreen devices, meaning that their touchscreens generates real physical buttons, guidelines, and shapes which rise out of the surface.

So as an example, if you wanted to send an email or send a message, the Tactile Layer panel would generate a keyboard with buttons for you to type, giving you real feedback and the experience of operating a physical keyboard. Users can feel, press down and interact with these buttons like any other physical device. And when they’re no longer needed, they recede back into the touchscreen, leaving no trace of their presence.

Also, this isn’t limited to just keyboards. You could change the settings so that the buttons form a remote, or a game controller that you can play either on your smartphone or on a separate device.

Tactus expects its new feature to help power a new generation of smartphones, tablets, ebook readers, gaming devices and automotive displays and judging by the potential this has, we’re hoping that this new generation will come sooner rather than later.

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