Facebook testing region-specific pages for companies

This has been a long time coming, so let’s hope this rumoured roll-out by Facebook actually comes through. Up until now, if you’re managing a global Facebook page for a company in multiple markets, your only option has been to set up separate pages (i.e. Red Bull UK, Red Bull Espanol) to manage regional content.

While you have the option to tailor posts to fans by location/language, if you want a full branded presence for a particular region, it needs to have its own Facebook page. But that could be about to change, as Facebook are testing the option to manage region-specific Facebook pages off one central page. So you could just have the brand page ‘Red Bull’, then include a drop-down option for which region fans want to go to, with all Likes/fans being centralised to the main page.

This is currently being trialled on Facebook’s own marketing Page, and doesn’t appear to be live for any other brands yet:

The Page will default to the location in your profile, but you can select another region from those the Page provides:

Rumours of this change by Facebook started circulating around May 24th, and as yet there is no official announcement from Facebook of when/if this will be going live for all brands. Currently, when you create a new Facebook Page, there is no option to add regional sub-pages so it doesn’t look like it’s launching any time soon.

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