Coca Cola Use Facebook Places For Innovative Recycling Campaign and use Facebook Face Recognition Technology For Campaign

Coca Cola are a brand that are always ahead of the curve when it comes to social media and they showed that with their latest campaign video from Isreal where they used the recently launched Facebook places to encourage users to recycle their old bottles. They called it king of the recycle and over 10,000 recycling bottles were placed around the country and all given their own Facebook place. Users were then encouraged to check in to the spots and take photos as they recycled their bottles. The real beauty of this campaign is that it taps in to that feeling of social conscience with the theory being that if you see your friends recycling then you will feel nearly obliged to start doing the same yourself. It created huge buzz online which all reflected well on Coke for doing something to improve the enviornment (and sell more Coca Cola obviously). It’s another example of a great offline campaign that pushes in to the online world and indeed one of the best previous examples we have seen of that came from Coca Cola in Isreal last year.

Coca Cola are always pretty clued in when it comes to social media and marketing in general and their latest campaign in Israel using Facebook face recognition technology is pure genius. Users were able to log in to an app in the real world using nothing but their face. The campaign is called Face Look and the idea is that you can log in to any of the machines that Coke placed around their theme parks using nothing but your face and then use your profile to engage in the real world. This is not the first innovative real world campaign to come from Coca Cola out of Israel because readers of the blog here will remember the RFID campagin they launched there a couple of years ago around the same festivals. We are seeing more and more deployments of Facebook technology in the real world and this is yet another example of what the future might look like as the offline and online worlds blend together…

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