Toyota Promotes iQ Car By Completing Street View For Belgium

Google Street View is fantastic when you’re trying to find your way around a foreign location, but while it covers the majority of roads and routes, there are those winding lanes and narrow roads that are too difficult for any regular car to fit through. So step in Toyota who want to promote its miniature city car, the iQ. Fixing a 360 degree camera to the roof of the car, the iQ sets out to complete the job that Google started by capturing the tiniest roads in Belgium. The results will then be presented to Google at the end of the year to help complete Street View in Belgium.

Alongside that, Toyota is asking people to tag streets that have yet to be captured on Street View on their site iQ Street View. The car manufacturer already begun the campaign last month by capturing a number of streets across several locations including Brussels, Mons and Tubize.

Not only does it cover the remaining roads and lanes of the country, it’s also a clever piece of marketing from Toyota. As the iQ’s main selling point is that it’s a smart solution for those living in urban areas, the fact that it’s small enough to be driven anywhere will be appealing to those who only drive in urban areas. Those  people living in the tagged streets will receive mail from Toyota with an exclusive offer on the iQ and a note informing them that their street has been added to iQ Street View.

This is probably one of the better ways of a car manufacturer using Street View to promote their product, the most recent example is Fiat’s prank where it parked one of their cars in front of Volkswagen HQ for the Google Street View cameras to capture. The iQ Street View campaign was created by Happiness Brussels.

<p><a href=”″>iQ Street View</a> from <a href=””>iQ Street View</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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