Facebook Make 3 Important Changes All Page Admins Should Know About

Facebook have had huge success with their pages product over the last couple of years but there has always been a serious lack of advanced features for admins to play around with. To carry out simple actions like scheduling posts users have had to rely on 3rd party apps like hootsuite but the good news is that Facebook are today rolling out some major updates that all admins will be happy to see. This comes hot on the heels of a new mobile app to help manage pages that Facebook launched last week and it is great to see them finally giving their paying customers some of the crucial tools that we have all needed for some time. This isn’t just about Facebookhaving a good heart though because they are also rolling out a new ad tool that helps you promote individual posts from within your page in yet another attempt for them to increase their revenues. Here are the 3 new tools that you will all be happy to see…

Advanced Admin Features

Up until recently all you could really do was add people as a general admin but that was a bit of a security risk for pages with a large amount of admins who all had different functions. With this update you can assign different roles to all users and make sure that admins only have the permissions you want them to have. The following table explains what you can now do.

Scheduling Posts

Until today you were only able to schedule posts through third party apps like Hootsuite but Facebook are now introducing this functionality which will be a massive help to small businesses who are short on time and people who want to post on the weekends and at other times when they are not beside a computer. You can do this right now on any individual post and schedule up to 6 months in advance.

Promoted Posts

We have a full post on the way explaining how these promoted posts will work but essentially you can now choose to promote individual posts from within the newsfeed. This function will allow you to reach all of the people who like your page rather than the selected few who would see your content organically. You can also see how many people see your posts organically and virally by clicking on the stats under each posts.

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