Welcome to the future : 3D motion computing

Now this, is pretty awesome. You have 3D. You have motion sensors like Kinect. You have tactile displays on mobile devices such as pinch to zoom. But you don’t really have a combination of all 3 in one device. Yet. Leap Motion 3D is a new device currently in development that offers you the ability to control your screen and interact with sites and apps in a number of ways, based on incredibly accurate motion sensors.  200 times more accurate than other devices, such as Kinect, currently on the market. To get an idea of just how amazing Leap 3D is, check out the demo video below :

Leap 3D works through a motion-sensing device that is likely to cost as little as $70 when it’s launched. It’s so impressive because it can track motion accuracy down to 0.01mm , meaning you can control by pinch to zoom or minute finger movements that allow you to interact with different properties on screen in a completely new way. Add in 3D for a bit of extra fun and this product is set to transform our PC and TV experience significantly.

As well as the sensor, Leap Motion are also developing a SDK, which means that the possibilities of this will be opened up significantly and you can expect to see some pretty exciting iterations available when it launches. And it looks like there’s plans for a Leap App Store in which you can access apps, which developers will be able to charge for. Unfortunately, it’s not available to purchase yet, but if you’re a developer interested in working on the platform, you can register for advanced access here, or anyone can request a pre-order here (expected to ship December 2012 or early Jan 2013)

Goodbye mouse. Goodbye investing in screen-wipe companies.

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