Forget The Google Glasses – Social Video HD Glasses Are Already Here

You might have spotted the huge buzz that has been building around Google’s new glasses project but a new kid on the block over on kickstarter could be about to steal all their fire. This is a new start up company called Vergence Labs who are aiming to create glasses that not only record HD video, allow you to flick to sunglasses mode but also stream the content or share it to your social networks. It is a massively impressive and ambitious project and as they say themselves

We are working with-in an accelerated startup environment to create these stylish computing enabled social video sharing, trend setting electric powered sun glasses. Our product will record 1st person point of view, and have “magic-glass” (chromatic shifting conductive glass) lenses for an instant on/off “electric powered sunglass” feature. You can then share the experiences you record across social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It’s a consumer electronics fashion accessory designed with technology to enable cool new social video and new electric sunglasses lens capabilities while being fashion-forward and stylish in the process.

Even though we are getting used to seeing new improved computing technology it really does feel as if we are about to enter a whole new age where the gadgets we get to use are like something from a Sci-Fi show of the future. We know that if these do make it to mass market that we will be the first in line for a pair! The only small thing they might need is a bit of styling but with their 50k already nearly raised on Kickstarter that could become a reality very soon.

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