Volkswagen Augmented Reality Push For Electric Golf Launch

Everywhere you look car manufacturers are starting to push electric cars as we all move to a new model of transport that helps to save the planet from Co2 emissions. The big problem with this new mode of transport is that as consumers none of us are especially educated about how these cars work or how much energy they actually use. Volkswagen aimed to fix this problem with the launch of their new electric Golf model in the lucrative Chinese market with an augmented reality campaign that helped to show people test driving the car just how efficient these cars are. You were able to scan regular household items like a computer, a fridge and a blender with a short animation popping up and showing you how far you could drive on a day’s supply of energy from that device. By matching it up to real world items in a visual way this is a great way of getting the message across about the environmental benefits of driving one of these new cars.

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